Our Guiding Philosophy

Guiding Philosophy

Every generation has a historic responsibility. The generation before ours worked hard for our country to be free. The task before our own generation is for us to build on the achievements of our heroes past, and bequeath an enduring legacy for future generations.

The All Progressives Congress believes that the course of history has placed on all true patriots the enormous task of building a better Nigeria. This demands that patriotic men and women of the finest disposition must come together in the search for new economic, social and political order that is woven around sustainable development, enduring peace and mutual co-existence.

In the pursuit of these ideas, we shall enlist the buy-ins of all Nigerians for our Party’s guiding philosophy, which derives impetus from six principles.

  1. Belief in, and the fear of God;
  2. Upholding the rule of law;
  3. Preserving national unity
  4. Pursuit of a joint egalitarian society;
  5. Building of strong institutions;
  6. Commitment to social justice and economic progress; and
  7. Promoting representing and functional participatory democracy.